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The overwhelming majority of games going for a day/night cycle actually does it without offering any complex variation on NPC scheduling. The two previous BG included.
And most people were more than reasonably satisfied with that compromise over the idea of giving up to the feature entirely.
This is especially true in games where the content is designed rather than "systemic" (i.e. procedural generation and so on).

If anything one would be hard pressed to point the notable exceptions, like Ultima VII, Gothic 1 and 2, etc.

So "Calling foul" doesn't change facts, really.

Gee, I read your comment, and before I even finished the first sentence I was thinking "What about Skyrim"... I then wondered "At what point were the players given an option about whether or not it existed". So I wasn't particularly hard pressed to come up with one, and I have never seen a poll from a developer asking "do you want D/N cycles w/out NPC schedules, or do we need to add them". It would be fun, I guess, to look back on these to see the results, so can you provide some links to official polls that you're apparently citing here?

So let's see the facts, instead of your statements? I'm not a fan of "it's on the internet, so it must be true".

I would assume the fact that 90% of open world games nowadays have a d/n cycle is enough to guess players at large prefer that to the alternative. And now that i think about it the only games lacking that are from Bioware, which i guess goes hand in hand with BG3 being more of a spiritual successor to Dragon Age than Baldur's Gate.