I feel like some are getting the idea that we are asking communication because we are selfish and want the game now and our changes now. I don't, I want them to take as long as they need. The next update can come out 2022 for all I care, BUT, the thing I want is communication. EA is a cooperative thing, a community thing, and a game creator wants to keep their EA playerbase in the loop. Smaller projects have died because of silence like this, and it definitely hurts a bigger project as we see right now.

Also the most common claim I have seen about Solasta is that mechanically it is superior while its story and characters are not, it isn't unreasonable to see people trying to combine the best half of two things thinking it will create a better thing. Personally, I have yet to get the game cause I tend to only get games on Sale or Bundles, BG3 was an exception because I wanted to be involved in possibly the biggest Dungeons and Dragons Video Game ever.