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If you didn't cite any official polls, then you provided no "facts", but simply made some assertions, and then tried to claim they were facts. I asked you to provide the sources that make your assertions facts. You did state that calling foul on one of your assertions doesn't change the facts, so support the assertion, and lay out the facts, instead of just claiming they're facts, regardless, because you posted it on a forum. That's not how facts work.

Assertion 1: The overwhelming majority of games with a Day/Night cycle don't do it. Citations needed. You're claiming this is a fact, surely you can support it, yes?
Assertion 2: And most people were more than reasonably satisfied with that compromise over the idea of giving up to the feature entirely. Citations needed.
Assertion 3: So "Calling foul" doesn't change facts, really. This needs to be supported. Because looking at what you provided in 1 and 2, and what you're claiming in 3, nothing adds up to "facts", just "but this is what I think, so everyone needs to just agree with me".

In 2008, it was a way to market games. But that faded after a while. It was no longer really the "hot thing" and a lot of people did not like it due to not being able to find things at night. But here is an article that goes over it I found just googling it:

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