Well. It might just be me, but I am used to Blizzard's "soonTM" so one month is not that bad by my measurement, hahah laugh

Either way, I am still lurking about - have not really had the time to actually post stuff though. :] Nor have I really had anything important to say, I guess.

Just wanted to say that I am also hoping to see some updates about our missing classes and subclasses, and potentially companions, for our next big patch as I really do not see any reason to keep any classes (or subclasses) out of EA entirely. c: That said, I am willing to wait as long as necessary for Larian to make BG3 the game it deserves to be, but I also agree with the complaints that some form of communication would really be appreciated. And it is not just for the sake of "I WANT CONTENT NOW", because honestly? I would settle with just a "Hey guys! Right now we're working on XXX! Unfortunately, this won't be available until the actual launch, but we're absolutely positive you'll love it!" - just a little something to know what's going on and what they are working with. It is simply difficult to stay involved, enthusiastic and hyped when you hear absolutely nothing - and I, and many others here, WANT to be involved, enthusiastic and hyped. laugh

I have a great example of my own to demonstrate my point (which is very much based on a true story :] ): many years ago I heard about a game. I saw a trailer, some class information and I was absolutely *HOOKED* by it. It felt like everything I wanted in a game at the time, and me and my friends devoured any and all information that was available about said game. Which turned out to be not very much information at all - the game was about to launch in Asia, but the communication to the European and American sector was... Limited. Fan-sites began to evolve, searching with lanterns and shovels for any piece of information that could be relevant for us waiting for the game to arrive to EU/NA.

Years went by and there was nothing but silence. I visited the fansites less and less, because there was not ever any communication from the developers to the EU/NA crowd. The game soon faded even from memory. Suddenly, just a year or so ago, I saw a post from one of those fan sites. Unfortunately, I had since long lost interest in the game, and simply unfollowed the page without even checking their news link. I forgot about the game once more - until recently.

Why? Because this year, that particular game is supposed to be revealed during E3, arriving to EU and NA. Problem is - I am no longer interested by any measurement, and I will not be buying the game. To be quite honest, I would not even play it if I got it for free.

Is it because I am salty about the lack of communication and the neglect? Perhaps - but I don't feel salty. I just feel "past" it. The game no longer looks as fun and epic as it did all those years ago. It feels like the game grew old before it even released and I felt like there are so many other games that I want to play instead, and so many other companies that I would rather spend my money on.

Now, of course I do not really fear a scenario this bad for Larian - because they are already communicating better than the company from the story above since they give any information at all. c:
But it should be noted that this is probably how the more casually hyped community handles the situation - neglect them for too long, and they simply won't be interested when you're finally ready. I am willing to bet Larian knows this, and I hope there is a good reason for their silence towards their players. In the end, all players here want the same thing - we want Larian and BG3 to succeed and be great! By communicating with us, Larian would help us support them better! :] Give us things to discuss, even if it is not implemented into EA! laugh

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