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Oh, the company that developed that is Smilegate. They have not had a good track record with me, especially when Epic Seven disqualified the winner of their contest (who was one of the few to not draw one of the female characters, drew male characters chilling on the beach) cause they drew gay male and furry fanart of the characters outside of the contest and declared that them winning would be reflecting bad on them (to justify disqualifying someone for a reason not stated in the rules), so they then gave it to a person who also drew NSFW works outside of the contest except theirs was straight and lesbian waifus... Think I'll be avoiding "Frost Stark."

By comparison, Larian is still a darling in my eyes even with the communication silence cause they haven't done anything underhanded or done anything that made me feel like I was being ripped off. In fact they have tended to do the opposite, DOS2 Grab Bags really endearing me to them.

This is not how we Korean MMORPG players rate games. It really doesn't matter that much... Although I'm not from Europe or America, but still. In my country, "Frost Stark" came out quickly, but also unexpectedly.

Issue of communication with the community is not a problem only Smilegate. NCsoft is much bigger, and behaves the same way. Asian companies are just beginning to think about the market outside their countries. While this may not be a good idea, as I said before, I'm not a fan of the political agenda and ubiquitous representation. I just love good games which allow me to escape from reality and problems..

In any case, comparing a single and an MMORPG is strange. So I won't continue this theme.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty