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This is not how we Korean MMORPG players rate games. It really doesn't matter that much... Although I'm not from Europe or America, but still. In my country, "Frost Stark" came out quickly, but also unexpectedly.

Issue of communication with the community is not a problem only Smilegate. NCsoft is much bigger, and behaves the same way. Asian companies are just beginning to think about the market outside their countries. While this may not be a good idea, as I said before, I'm not a fan of the political agenda and ubiquitous representation. I just love good games which allow me to escape from reality and problems..

In any case, comparing a single and an MMORPG is strange. So I won't continue this theme.

I am less rating the game and more rating the companies and their business practices. Electronic Arts and Activision release decent games for example but I REALLY dislike their business practices so I tend to avoid them with some exceptions (which I'll tend to get used as I'd rather not directly reward those business practices). Just how I am and I don't expect others to think like me. And my above thing wasn't about a political agenda in a game, more a bad business practice of unrightfully disqualifying someone for reasons not stated in their rules, could have been about whatever thing drawn outside of the contest and I would have still been soured to Smilegate. They communicated poorly. Hence why I said Larian is still a darling to me, it isn't because I think they make quality games better than some MMOs (I do prefer their games though cause I prefer Single Player stuff), its that their business practices and connection to their community is a hell of a lot less scummy and basically non-toxic compared to many many other companies. Even with silence they communicate a lot better than a whole list of companies.

I am with CJM - I am not comparing an action MMORPG to BG3, but rather the moral of the story was the company silence.

I also have a "blacklist" of companies that I try to avoid throwing money at, to my best ability (including both of the companies CJM mentioned...). Obviously, Larian is by no means on my list - and similar to CJM I also consider Larian one of the good companies, along with Owlcats and to some point Digital Extremes, that I am willing to spend money on just to support them via Kickstarter and stuff like that. Their silence right now won't change that, it'll take a lot more.

BUT, just like most people here... I just wanna know what they are up to, how progress is going and if they thought the community had any good ideas here on the forums. c: Just a few sentences every month or so would be more than enough!

Hoot hoot, stranger! Fairly new to CRPGs, but I tried my best to provide some feedback regardless! <3 Read it here: My Open Letter to Larian