Seeing looking them up on the e3 schedule nothing is listed I wouldn't get my hopes up but who knows maybe its just missing from the schedule currently my expectations are low maybe June next year we will see patch 5....last time we had patch info it was december we will be releasing new stuff after christmas ... and nothing till late febuary I wouldn't be suprised if at minimum we hear nothing till September. Soon is a relative term apparently for any kind of response soon being it could be in 1 month you could be waiting 4-5 months +.

Patch 5 - We added an additional hair color for Elves see you all in patch 6. Sept 2021

Patch 6 - We fixed some bugs and we added a cape to the game it does nothing see you in patch 7. July 2022

Patch 7 - Ok guys we have really good news we extra goblin to the first fight in from of the gates he drops a shield it does nothing but there is a goblin on the front of the shield. See you all in patch 8. August 2027.

I'm sure more than a few people get the blunt of the Joke here. Where you compare the game to games other games with regards to the content releases updates and news. I personally dont think ill bother buying another early release from larion in the future initially my expectations were a lot higher and I personally haven't felt impressed it would take more than a lot to redeem them personally.

Having beta tested a bunch of other releases for content and played early access on 2 other games currently in release schedule for the current genra Whilst the base release of the game was great the addion of content and news has been so lack luster when you compare the content release between them its kind of sad and while I get coding takes time the base infrastructure is already present meaning it should be alot easier to add more content. With as many people present to the game as there is. You have companies able to add complete expansions to most games every 3-4 months.

And we have seen a class added since launch in comparison you could look at games like dota, LoL, smite ect adding new characters every month. In comparison mind you there is not as much pathing to do but the infrastructure for pathing should already be present it should just be adding coding through a generator tool to add the character class into the game. They should just need to code the mechanics and test that it works as intended to the tool. NWN2 had its initial release OCT 2006 and you were seeing full expansions nearly 6 months later. Which contained as many as 4-6 classes in some cases. Comparing that I would expect to see the same kind of content added to the game during early access to reach the goals of the initial release date. Plus if they had plans for e3 you would expect a kind of teaser that news was coming out at e3. Just to get everyone paying attention. I would not get my hopes up. I only even checked back on the forums because it was e3 weekend.

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