There are companies that made much worst decisions with early access and content / responses. Focus Home Entertainment being one of them I would highly recommend not even buying the games themselves till about 4-6 months after they are released if at all. But when you have people investing in your EA pre-order more or less you would want to keep those people around as they invested in you as a company. There are plenty of good examples of game developers interacting with there players in good faith to improve a game. Taking 1 hour a week to sit down and Q&A with the community is not hard for companies as there are games that have staff of around 40-50 that can manage that. When larion has a staff of around 300 or so its not unreasonable to expect that kind of similar Q&A treatment from developers where they could speak to the community.

Especially if they are not going to generally put out an update or a road map on content.

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