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Well you can see via SteamDB that they have been working very hard on Patch 5, updating every day during the week, sometimes multiple times a day. (Not that I've been checking multiple times a day. Um. Ok I have. lol)
However I am waiting for the promised community update first, patch 5 second. RagnarokCzD is right, they didn't promise a patch straight away, but they promised an update.

While I agree they might be working on something pretty big for the patch, what annoys me the most is the community being promised a community update, and then complete silence for a month. In today's fast paced world where updates and information are almost expected to be at our fingertips, that just isn't a good look for a big company such as Larian.

I am ready to forgive them when the promised update and/or Patch 5 comes out though, as I'll be back playing BG3 in a heartbeat.

Its odd to have this much complete radio silence. You know I think it just increases expectations though because everyone is thinking "OMG it must be a huge reveal!" - but what if it ends up being Gnomes?

Like nothing else, no classes, just gnomes...