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the only time the update and the patch weren't published at the same time so far has been with Patch 4 in February, and only because circumstances highlighted some annoying bug at the last minute.
According to what the developers stated explicitly it was originally supposed to drop right after the now infamous "Panel From Hell #2".
I presume if we will expecting only Community Update, we can be only surprised pleasantly ...
If we will expect Patch 5 in the same day, and it will not come, it will be source of yet another frustration ...
And that frustration will be obviously even worse, the more we will expect of that Patch. wink

That was whole point. :-/

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but what if it ends up being Gnomes?

Like nothing else, no classes, just gnomes...
That would mean i would be finaly able to create my moost favourite character of all time?
Personaly i would be exited. laugh laugh laugh

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Vampire Bloodlines rework was announced yesterday as another company took it over and it was renamed bloodhunt.
Nah ...
Bloodhunt is about 3/4year ago anounced Battle Royal PvP game, and it have nothing to do with Bloodlines, except same universe. wink
If you watch Outstar, she was talking about it on her channel (or in WoD news) that she is partialy affraid that people will see it as Bloodlines becoming Bloodhunt, but she ensured us multiple times that its not the case. smile

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On another note, where did the idea that Larian's gonna say something at E3 come from anyways? I've seen it on here a few times but I can't find any real origin of the idea, let alone Larian hinting at something like that.
Yeah, it was never official ... talking for myself it was something like:
"We are suppose to get something soon ... there is this action soon ... Larian participatet last year ... so maybe."
It seems like i was once again wrong. laugh
At least im not alone this time. laugh

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!