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For the series "I feel partially vindicated", even Harbs Narbs, someone that so far spent a lot of time and effort defending Larian no matter what and occasionally even antagonizing the user base for being "overly critical", lists the CHAIN/UNCHAIN system as FIRST among the things he currently doesn't like in game.

While I had no expectation that anyone at Larian would ever pay attention to my little stubborn crusade (and if anything after months of hammering the point I can see a scenario where they roll their eyes and changes side of the road when they see me coming), maybe they'll have to actually reconsider things when even their most faithful devotes start to point out that some things just don't work that well.

Yeah. Not sure if I said it, but I can deal with the chain system, but ultimately its inefficient. When I feel I am about to interact with that system its a tiny little damper on my fun knowing I will have to muck about with it.

Larian is entering a bigger world, where the quirky things they do are going to be held up to greater scrutiny. Its a test of their ability to adapt and let go of the things that don't serve them as well as they could.