He's talking about level 4 and 8 feats.

If I can understand that players (me included) enjoy that our position matter and give us various bonuses... I don't understand this obsession about having an advantage.

Backstab advantage won't ever make sense to me. Neither is any flat bonuses if we can turn arround for free, if the creatures cannot react and face us and if we can jump to disengage as a bonus action.

The game should first be enjoyable and not frustrating without this mechanic. If missing is a problem when we don't have advantages, they don't have anything else to do than reducing the ennemy's AC and/or eventually add flat bonuses.

Isn't there enough spells and features and actions you can make in DnD to have one or give one to your companion(s) ?

IMO advantages shouldn't ever be such an easy reward... It should be the cherry on the cake at the normal level of difficulty and it should only become more and more important the more you increase the difficulty.

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