I'm always an advocate for a free level-1 feat. I feel that it just makes characters more fun to play, having more options and not feeling like you need to sacrifice an essential ASI for a cool feat. It would be interesting to see how many players chose one of my suggested Advantage feats vs some other feat...

But here I was specifically just talking about the RAW level 4 and 8 (maybe 12???) feats selection.

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Backstab advantages won't ever make sense to me. Neither is any flat bonuses if we can turn arround for free, if the creatures cannot react and face us and if we can jump to disengage as a bonus action.
It can make sense. "You have trained extensively in the art of getting behind someone whilst in combat and striking their vital points. You have advantage on attack rolls when behind someone."

Alternately/in addition, a feat could grant you bonus damage when you attack someone's back. "Vital strike" or something.

I like options, but I like them to be optional options. Different characters can choose different feats to make distinct characters.