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if the creatures cannot react and face us and if we can jump to disengage as a bonus action.
Im affrad i would never understand how is "jumping over creature so it cannot react" anyhow worse then "click on button (read as start evading) and run around the very same creature, that once again cannot react". :-/

I wonder if that situation would look better if jump/disengage (since i really dont see difference) would make AOO automaticly miss, instead of canceling it totally.
You know like ... you jump over creature, it swing its sword, bcs that is something any sensible being would do, but you were faster ...

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at a bare minimum, you need to be able to adjust your facing without moving.
Wait now ... you are able to adjust your facing without moving. O_o
At least i do that almost all the time.

When you push Ctrl, so your character wants to automaticly attack ... and move your mouse around ... your character will allways face the mouse, regardless of if there is anyone or not. O_o

There's nothing to understand. Disengage as a bonus action is the mechanical issue I was pointing at.
Jumping in heavy armor and/or jumping to always disengage doesn't really make sense but "the jump" is not the problem here.

We can turn without moving but it's not a reaction at all.

Hopefully, our ennemies is not smart enough to use backstab efficiently so using ctrl usually help the player. It doesn't prevent the player to have easy cheesy advantage on every attacks.

@Mrfuji to be honnest I cannot imagine how it could be possible to translate the facing rules in BG3.
It means an AC that is different in front and on our side if we have a shield.
It means being able to rotate our characters as a proper reaction which could eventually be possible but possible exploitable.

Not sure how it works with multi attack in the PnP, maybe you'll be able to enlighten me.

I'm moving behind and use my first attack. Ennemy react and face my character. I'm moving behind once again because I still have movement and use my second attack with advantage.
Imo this would quickly become boring. How to prevent this ?

About the feats I really don't know. If my dexterity is 11/13/15/17 I'll have all the bonuses in your point 1) too, which as you said may be very OP.

About damages yes. Definitely. The more I think about it, the more I think it could be a very cool homebrew.

Modifyer *1.5 ? +1D4 ? Proficiency bonus added to damages ?

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