I wrote here last before the Early Access came out. I don't unfortunately have a computer capable of running modern games at the moment, but I am intrigued whether the game is any good from an old school fans perspective. I have read a few early reviews, and they've been positive but naturally a bit mixed since it's a long ways from finished.

When I last posted, there were multiple issues that worried fans of the original games:

no day/night cycle
forced camping scenes
turn based combat
linear structure
overall feel of the game being too "larian"

How do you feel the game has tackled these issues? Does the lack of day/night cycle make it a distictly different experience? Does it retain the epic & freeform feel of the old games at all? Is the combat as fun as in the originals? Is the structure too linear, does it feel more like a japanese RPG than a semi-open world experience? Is it any good if you love the old games and expect something similar?