"from an old school fans perspective", eh? I wrote here last after the game had been announced for a short time, after making a bunch of posts expressing my hope and expectation as a diehard fan of the original games, and way before the EA came out. I haven't played the EA or watched any gameplay footage but from all the feedbacks I've read - both on here and on the GOG product page - I'm confident to say that this game is shaping up to be everything I did not want it to be - a DOS3 rather than anything that remotely resembles the old BG games.

That being said, before any DOS fan jumps in and starts attacking me with arguments like "if you're disappointed that this game is different then your opinion is wrong": I no longer have the inclination to engage in such an argument; I've done enough of that in the past. Also, though I'm disappointed because I had too much hope, that doesn't mean I'm hating this game. I can change my attitude and treat this as another DOS game and forget about the whole "this being a BG game" altogether; this is easy enough for me to do. I did enjoy my playthroughs of DOS and DOS2.

"Is it any good if you love the old games and expect something similar?"

If you "expect something similar", you will be sorely disappointed. But is it any good? It can still be.

day/night cycle: so far, doesn't seem likely
forced camping scenes: not sure what you mean
TB combat: yes
linear structure: as in linear story? Dunno
overall feel being too "Larian": most likely

"Does the lack of day/night cycle make it a distictly different experience?" - probably. It's not like we have two versions of the game one with day/night cycle and the other without so we can compare. But the lack of day/night cycle means it will miss out on many cool things associated with time of day, that's for sure.

"Does it retain the epic & freeform feel of the old games at all? Is the combat as fun as in the originals?" - one can only hope.

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