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What does it even mean linear structure? O_o

I mean, so far we have at least 3 different ways to approach the main quest (removing tadpole >>
Githyanki / Druids / Goblins
) ... with another 3 options that will become dead end, when done (
Volo / Hag / Gut
) ...
Every side quest as far as i know, can be done it at least two different ways ...
Most encounters can be either dealt with force, or avoided by stealth, or (if you are lucky) you can even talk your way out. O_o

What im trying to say is that there isnt even a single things i would call linear, so i dont even know where this worry was sourced. O_o

Hmm, perhaps linear was the wrong way to put it. I was mostly meaning open ended vs. chronologically advancing plot, like how much does the game push you forward from one area to the next, can you go back and forth, can you do quests in different order? BG 1&2 were kind of half-linear, meaning as the main plot advanced you'd open up new areas and sometimes lose access to others, but there was still high level quests hidden in areas you mostly spent time in the early game. Example of a linear game with possibly multiple solutions to quests would be most JRPG's, while a completely or mostly non-linear game would be Skyrim or some of the Fallout games.

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