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I meant to add that mages can benefit pretty heavily from huntsman bonuses as well. A 2 level dip in Huntsman is recommended for Tactical Retreat alone as mages generally lack mobility skills otherwise and the haste attached to it is always great to have. The bonus +20% high ground damage is a significant boost in damage too. And they can get more levels in Huntsman from gear, which late game becomes a better investment once your favored elements are close to getting maxed out and provided that you can always get to high ground.

It's the same kind of principle as archers and necromancy builds investing in Warfare even if they have little use for the actual skills in it, because Warfare boosts ALL physical damage inflicted. It's why archers were able to one-round almost everything they looked at mid-late game in vanilla DOS2 until the definitive edition slightly nerfed them.

This is one of the reasons why I did not like D:OS2 system and I never finished the game.
I have the feeling that Larian hates classes. Every char should be able to do everything. In previous games the "class" only gave them different start abilities/stats but everyone could learn anything.

In BG3 the homebrew rules changes are so powerful that they make differences between classes pointless.
For example in 5E only rogues can hide as a bonus action which is powerful for them. In BG3 anyone can do it.
I think that the class is a very importent concept in DnD and different classes should feel different.

Yes Solasta does have homebrew stuff too.
Main reason is the licence, so they could only use one official subclass per class and they had to invent other subclasses.
I had a greenmage who gets light armor profiency, bow profiency, archery combat style and some ranger spells.
You can think that this is too powerful or not, but it is still a mage. Only mages can learn spells from scrolls and they can learn and use only spells that are on their spell list.
For example the only ranger spell I used for her was goodbarries so I do not have to carry rations.
(note to self: have to check if hunters mark works with multi hit spells and doubles the damage of magic missle for example)

So I think BG3 homebrew stuff is bad because it is more powerful than any class features and as result all classes feel the same.
The homebrew stuff in Solasta is less bad because the different classes stay different and each class keeps their class specific stuff.
We could argue if each individual rule change is too strong or too weak, but I believe that different classes should feel different.

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