The game has a huge potential but lot of things are going wrong especially in the mechanics and definitely, the game feels like an improved "classic Larian games" rather than, a whole new RPG experience.
Of course everyone may like the extravagant Larian style or not (story, WTF companions, visual effects,,...)

- The exploration is really interresting and I'm still finding new area after 300 hours (area that I didn't found in my playtrough but I heard about).
- The game is beautifull, no doubt.
- The story, the quests and the dialogs have interresting and/or unexpected pathes.

It's work in progress but I guess they'll succeed at creating, once again very new and very enjoyable mechanics related to the story, side quests, environnment, exploration and so on.

On the other hand the entire experience, the story you're writing doesn't always really feel coherent.

There's a lot of lore and the themes are mature... but the game throw at you silly things all the time (animations, visual effects, mechanics,...).
In french we say "il à son cul entre deux chaises", "it has it's ass between 2 chairs"... BG3 wants to be mature and silly/childish/cartoonish at the same time.

It worked in their custom world according to me but it doesn't at all in an established settings like DnD and the Forgotten Realms. Larian's definition of fun looks more "silly" than "mature" to me.
I hoped they'll change thisfor BG3 but it looks they won't. Looks like that's how they plan to design all their games.

- So when you're talking with NPCs it's serious.

- Most of the time when you're exploring it is serious even if the map design create a theme park feeling (a forest with 10 trees, a swamp smaller than my garden, tons of different creatures on a small area, the evil characters that cannot find the good ones that are litteraly 2 minutes further,....)
The "open world" feel frozen and everyone is waiting for you. The lack of day and night cycle completely increase this feeling and you cannot expect any variations visually AND mechanically (hiding better at night, bandits on the road at night, different NPC position at night or someone ever sleeping,...)

- Then combats start and you'll eat pigs head between 2 attacks, you'll jump like a super hero creating a shockwave when you land, a cow will climb a ladder, every dead character is gonna loose all the blood in it's body as soon as he's dead, poison surfaces will appear everywhere, your characters will move like chickens because of the chain mechanic, and so on.

About combats there are a lot of threads you may read but a lot of us don't find them satisfying.

There are a lot of classes but playing the game as intented makes them way less unique.
After a few hours you'll notice that there are good buttons and bad buttons. The game rewards you when you use some mechanics that everyone can use from level 1 to 4 and punish you, making the game harder if you don't.

It lacks a lot of tactical depth and your strategy will usually only rely on "killing before being killed".

Anyway great potential. Probably the potential to become the best cRPG of all time... But there's still a lot of things that makes BG3 more a hybrid of DoS/DnD rather than the followings of the legend.

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