It's really challenging to homebrew the powerscale of a feat. The challenge is that in the current game-state verticality is everywhere, and jump makes easy backstab opportunities.

Using ASI as a baseline, the player would get a +1 to modifiers with ASI (+5% accuracy putting points into dex).
Going back to the homebrewed feats: a +2 to hit is already 10% and a +1 to dex could be a 15% increase to accuracy, depending on the character sheet.

Focusing on backstab if the feat implies that it only works with melee dex weapons, that should be fine. It'd be popular for rogue and dex ranger, but other classes wouldn't consider it. I think advantage would be fine in this situation, it'd put rogue in a swashbuckler powerscale when using backstab (as rogue is now).

Bonuses from higher ground still would need more strict conditions to be met. Hypothetically if we commit to making high ground advantage into a feat... I'd do it like this.
  • Base-game verticality adv/disadvantage removed.
  • The feat would also apply a +1 to dex.
  • The feat would grant +2 to hit if no enemies are within 30 feet.
  • The feat would grant proficiency for all ranged weapons.


Circling back to the discussion in general... as this did give me some fresh ideas.

The game-state probably would be healthier if:
  • Low-ground disadvantage is removed (it really doesn't make sense, bows were used to hunt birds as well as warfare).
  • High-ground advantage only applies if no enemy is within 35 feet & the character is at least 10 feet higher in elevation. (most enemies can move 30 feet in a round).
With these changes, high ground advantage would be implying that you could safely posture for a focused shot. And you may get hit with an arrow for leaving the character exposed.

As long as backstab is tied to melee dex weapons I think any solution could work, whether it be a feat or just base-game.

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