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Maybe naively I thought the feedback given would go some way to altering some of the more criticised aspects of the game but there appears to be some dissonace around how Larian interprets and address such feedback. At this point I can’t see them moving too drastically from their current vision for the game.

Agreed on both points.
We don't really know because they're not communicating at all. Big changes take a lot of time. And patch 5 seems to take a really long time. So maybe they are trying some changes.

They seem really set in their ways though with the cheesy exploits in gameplay. I still hope they can respect the source material enough to include a RAW 5e game mode. Every major D&D CRPG has had a hard-core D&D difficulty setting so would be pretty outrageous not to include it, really. Many people love D&D but hate barrels and stealth cheese &Co.