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I don't know about you, but having an incredible 1 hour experience for $80 CAD vs a decent experience for 100 - x00 hours for $80 CAD is a no brainer. I'll take the 400 hours of entertainment any day. Now, if you're fortunate to not have to worry about money at all, then congrats! You're a whale smile (kidding)
That's of course exaguration, but the question would be: how good the 1 hours experience is. I am generally hesitant to pay full price, though it happens more then I would like to admit, but time investment is as much of a value to me, as my money account. I would take 20-40h RPG that is no-filler, all-killer experience, then a 100+h RPG that has 50-70hours of great content.

It could be that I find it rare these days to find a game that I wish was longer (I remember that wasn't the case in the past were more games were under 10h mark), but I played a lot of games in recent years that overstayed their welcome (be in unintentional or intentional [monatization of grind]).

It's just this werid thing in gaming that I dont' understand. I haven't seen people argue about value of one book over another, with how many pages each of them has. Sure there needs to be a certain amount of pages to be a book, but what in those pages in generally more important then how long it will take to read the book. If anything excessive length can be seen as negative.

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I used to think like this. I choose quality over quantity since I began working.
There is that certainly. I am definitely more fussy with how I spend my free time these days.

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