I'm satisfied with it. I don't mind the turn based-it's closer to the tabletop it's adapting, and while there are some clear rule breaks and it's different, Baldur's Gate was my first exposure to dnd so it still feels 'different' to me anyway, if that makes sense. Besides, Baldur's Gate too a lot of liberties with how accurate it was with regards to it's source material (such as having real time combat in the first place!)
The writing is good, the attention to details are good (tell astarian not to eat anything you can have a conversation with as a druid with 'talk to animals' active, for example!) and the only thing that's got me nervous is how the previously standoffish Shadowheart seems quite a bit more friendly and the communications blackout that seems to be in effect; logically, I know they're busy actually working instead of chatting with the forum/community but the total silence isn't reassuring.

It's too early to tell but I'm hoping the game doesn't drag in Baldur's Gate I and II any more than it has to-there's a trend in media to do a sequel to something beloved just so they can rip the old thing down, and thankfully Larian is seemingly avoiding that beyond a book going "Yes, Baldur's Gate I and 2 happened". The game is apparently shaping up to be a sequel in tone/theme of "How much will you give up for power" that the previous series had, which is what I would vastly prefer. There is levity and silliness in some bits of the game, however Baldur's Gate had it's fair share of silly moments too so I'm really bothered by that, I think the balance is good.