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... I must ask - and please do not take this the wrong way but...

Why are people so very fond of DA:O, but PoE is hardly ever mentioned as the absolutely amazing game that at least I thought it was? :x PoE made it to my favorite game of *all time* - I simply adored pretty much everything; from combat, to (most of the) story, to characters, to setting to... Everything(?) About it and I don't even have any nostalgia tied to it as I played it during winter 2020-2021. :'D PoE2 was pretty good too, but not as good imo.

I am just genuinely curious, what about PoE makes it not quite reach games like DA:O amongst the community?

When I first played POE, I found that it has a bad habit of dumping TONS of exposition on you at various points of the game, instead of the 'show, don't tell' approach that DAO utilizes in comparison. The party members are nowhere near as charismatic as DAO's companions too, which is probably a huge but rarely talked about factor in DAO's popularity.

The pacing is also kinda weird. The game really kicks your ass at the start and doesn't really explain its systems very well. I actually almost missed Eder by the tree too, the start became a lot easier once I had him around to tank things. I liked the game for what it was, but it was pretty easy for me to see why it left people rather disappointed.

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