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I think the most important part is the bottom line - although it will probably be a good game, I doubt it will be anything more than a nice game you get on sale from steam. Nowhere close to the legend people hoped for.

I wonder what you consider to be a legendary game then.
When he says legendary game he is probably referring to the original BG trilogy. If so, I do agree that current BG3 does not hold up to it.

Well, the funny thing is that I would understand if he compared BG 3 to Witcher 3 for example. But BG 1 and 2 are grossly overestimated due to nostalgia. Especially BG 1 which was good in 1998, but is a very mediocre game today. BG 2 was nice, but saying that BG 3 doesn't hold up to it is nonsense. The world feels much more alive, there is more variety in social interactions, story is much more interesting, graphics are obviously better, etc.
In its time there was no game with that much scope and complexity as BG. It was revolutionary, and I can see that having played it only after the CRPG revival during the 2010s, since I was a small kid in the late 90s from a non-english speaking country, so there was no way I'd understand how it worked. Therefore I speak with no nostalgia lenses whatsoever.

BG3 however is not revolutionary in the slightest, just a mishmash of DOS2 with some D&D and most work being put into graphics. Its trendy, and I actually think the comparison with Witcher 3 valid, both games invested heavily in spectacle leaving gameplay as an afterthought. For this same reason I don't like Witcher 3 as much as other RPGs because of its horrendous gameplay, in my opinion the worst thing a 100 hour game can have.

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