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When I first played POE, I found that it has a bad habit of dumping TONS of exposition on you at various points of the game, instead of the 'show, don't tell' approach that DAO utilizes in comparison. The party members are nowhere near as charismatic as DAO's companions too, which is probably a huge but rarely talked about factor in DAO's popularity.

The pacing is also kinda weird. The game really kicks your ass at the start and doesn't really explain its systems very well. I actually almost missed Eder by the tree too, the start became a lot easier once I had him around to tank things. I liked the game for what it was, but it was pretty easy for me to see why it left people rather disappointed.

Hmm, I never felt that way about the exposition dumping. Nor did I really feel like DA:O made a particularly good example of "show, don't tell."

One of the many reasons that I liked PoE was because the characters felt like they weren't around just to... Follow me around (*ahem* Alistair...). I do not remember getting my butt kicked in the beginning either - which is VERY ironic considering I spent the first 3-5 hours in DA:O being absolutely smashed by both the tutorial and the first set of bandits in the very first area... ... ... Yeah, I don't know either. My brother was just as clueless about wtf happened there.

Regarding companions, I thought the individual companions you had in PoE was definitely the best bunch I've ever had and loved each and every one of them for their own oddities. laugh <3 I loved Aloth's ... Condition? And his overall subtle snarky attitude :'] I loved the genuine sense of Edér. I loved Kana Rua and his rather unusual commentary. I absolutely adored Durance and I was devastated I couldn't ask whatever happened about him in PoE2. I loved the story quest of Sagani with it's ... Grim plot twist at the end. I thought grieving mother made for a fantastic character, despite severely disliking many of her personality attributes. Hiravias was easily one of my favorites through-out the entire game! Pallegina had me stunned with her unique beauty features (feathers = Dez approves), and although I found her personality rather... Erm, yeah (especially in PoE2...), I absolutely felt like it made sense for her character (... At least in PoE1). In short - I loved all of them and I played all of their stories! <3

AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE MUUUUSIC <3 Oh man, I still listen to everything from the combat to inn music almost daily from PoE.

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I like POE 2 more than POE 1, actually.
Once again, more on the mechanical side than in terms of story and characters because in that sense... I just didn't care that much for either of the two.

Hmm... Fair. I loved the mechanical part of PoE2 because I tried Arcane Archer for the first time in my entire life, and now I am kind of devastated that BG3 won't have it... q _ q *ree*

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Simply because PoE is not an AAA game. But it was a hit considering its budget and sold well over 1 million copies.

:[ I think it was an amazing masterpiece, the first game that is. The second game was also pretty solid (one of my favorites for sure!) but I encountered a lot of issues there that I did not experience in the first game.

Alas, I am sad that PoE2 did not sell as well as they hoped so that the team got kinda bummed out. :[ Hoping that Avowed will turn out well so that they perhaps get motivated to give PoE3 a go. c: (BUT NOT AS AN FPS GAME PLEASE q _ q )

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