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... I must ask - and please do not take this the wrong way but...

Why are people so very fond of DA:O, but PoE is hardly ever mentioned as the absolutely amazing game that at least I thought it was? :x PoE made it to my favorite game of *all time* - I simply adored pretty much everything; from combat, to (most of the) story, to characters, to setting to... Everything(?) About it and I don't even have any nostalgia tied to it as I played it during winter 2020-2021. :'D PoE2 was pretty good too, but not as good imo.

I am just genuinely curious, what about PoE makes it not quite reach games like DA:O amongst the community?
I think it's because for a lot of people Dragonage was their first 'proper' rpg game (god I feel old saying that) and was made by Bioware. PoE had good names in it, but it was a 'new' studio, so it was fairly obscure?
I think broadly there's the 'older' generation like myself that grew up playing Baldur's Gate I and II and a 'newer' generation that grew up on Dragonage and/or perhaps KOTOR, so they have different standards, hopes and expecations for the game.