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I think the most important part is the bottom line - although it will probably be a good game, I doubt it will be anything more than a nice game you get on sale from steam. Nowhere close to the legend people hoped for.

I wonder what you consider to be a legendary game then.
When he says legendary game he is probably referring to the original BG trilogy. If so, I do agree that current BG3 does not hold up to it.

Well, the funny thing is that I would understand if he compared BG 3 to Witcher 3 for example. But BG 1 and 2 are grossly overestimated due to nostalgia. Especially BG 1 which was good in 1998, but is a very mediocre game today. BG 2 was nice, but saying that BG 3 doesn't hold up to it is nonsense. The world feels much more alive, there is more variety in social interactions, story is much more interesting, graphics are obviously better, etc.

Ask a tank enthusiast about legendary tanks and they will mention some WW2 era tanks. Even though they are practically useless today. Same with cars, etc.

If a game gets a sequel after 20 years and creates hype, you know it is not an ordinary game. (Though I realize some of the hype comes from Larian itself, but I don't think people would be hyped if Larian made a sequel to Icewind Dale)