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I know right? Most people saying that never even played BG2. It feels so much more alive and DYNAMIC compared to BG3. Really Ironic.
For example events/quests happening only at night, weather; rain/wind/thunder, amazing background sound effects depending on your area, party banters tied to game environments; or banters triggered by just commoner dialogues, interaction/dialogues with in-game items (caged mute bird, genie bottle, young lady trapped in a magical scroll, talking sword....).

Dynamic? Yes. Alive? Only if you use your imagination. In BG2 NPCs literally just stand doing nothing, they go away at night, and return to their spot to just stand there in one place and that's it. There are no animations or sophisticated routines in BG2, it's literally just about placing NPCs in 2 different spots for 2 different time periods. At most they can walk, but they never can work or do anything complex. BG3 world for me is much more alive, because of how NPCs behave, even if they feel frozen in one day.

Day/Night cycle is really important for true open world RPGs like Elder Scroll series, but for linear story-heavy RPGs like BGs it is, ofcourse, nice, but doesnt matter that much.