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In BG2 NPCs literally just stand doing nothing, they go away at night, and return to their spot to just stand there in one place and that's it.

And what is it in BG3 ? They just don't move at all except a very very few of them "patrolling".
Remember, you're trying to explain how great BG2 is to someone who concludes that the game is "grossly overestimated due to nostalgia", and that saying BG3 doesn't hold up to BG2 is nonsense, and "the world feels much more alive, there is more variety in social interactions, story is much more interesting" - all that after playing the *early access* of *only the first act* of BG3. Your chances of success are about the same as when someone tries to convince me that I'm grossly overestimating BG2 due to nostalgia.

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