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Well, the funny thing is that I would understand if he compared BG 3 to Witcher 3 for example. But BG 1 and 2 are grossly overestimated due to nostalgia. Especially BG 1 which was good in 1998, but is a very mediocre game today. BG 2 was nice, but saying that BG 3 doesn't hold up to it is nonsense. The world feels much more alive, there is more variety in social interactions, story is much more interesting, graphics are obviously better, etc.
I suppose it depends on what you rate in games. For me graphics aren't a boon in themselves. BG1&2 don't NEED better graphics - they pulled off all they attempted to pull off. Throughout the years I easily got new players hooked on BG2 - it's a superb game and a classic. The fact that games are dated, don't diminish their value. Thief, Thief2 and Systemshock2 are still best games in business - and that I can say without nostalgia googles, as I played both of them not too long ago for the first time. There is adjustment period, and they are dated, but they are still really really good. Same Deus Ex1. And I am confident I would fall in love with BG2 in the same way, would I play it today, as I did in mid 2000s. I am not allergic to retro play - as I didn't grew up with access to shiny new hardware I am well accustommed to digging for classic gems then gushing at the newest, shiniest toy. And unfortunately, new shiny toys tend to loose their appeal once they are not new anymore. Good games stay good forever.