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BG3's world more alive than in BG1/2 ? Really ?
I can't deny that BG3 is way more beautifull but the world doesn't feel (more) alive at all lol.

It's always sunny. Everyone is waiting for you. The map is divided in area pasted together. The goblins are living so much that they cannot find the grove. Nothing special or unexpected ever happen (Random encounter or new creatures/characters after a while), there's a forest full of nothing alive, surfaces never dissapear,...

The world is completely frozen... What gives (some of) you the feeling that it's alive ??? I'd really like to understand.

I know right? Most people saying that never even played BG2. It feels so much more alive and DYNAMIC compared to BG3. Really Ironic.
For example events/quests happening only at night, weather; rain/wind/thunder, amazing background sound effects depending on your area, party banters tied to game environments; or banters triggered by just commoner dialogues, interaction/dialogues with in-game items (caged mute bird, genie bottle, young lady trapped in a magical scroll, talking sword....). Even Dragon Age feels half baked.
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THIS. Exactly THIS is the reason I replay the game until this day. 20 years has passed and for some reason really few studios understood why BG2 was so good. Ironically the small studios do a better job than the big ones at this. Maybe because it's easier to keep it consistent when you're a small company? Idk. RISEN 2 for instance was insane from this aspect smile Like the game was super small in the end and you didnd't have multiple companions to choose from. But the girl following you around was reacting to your actions and what was going around in her own way. She had her own goals and that's what motivated her words. It's a simple concept.

BG3 characters in comparison are inconsistent AF. In BG2 you could relatively easily have a team full of evil and good characters without anyone leaving despite hating each other. They would explain why they are still here. And it made sense.
The evil characters in BG3 feel sassy like hell for some reason. Maybe it's because they talk mostly in camp and not when the events happen. Probably because of it btw. Eh. Idk. I just hope they somehow magically fix it and all of a sudden we will have the same level of interaction with our team as we did in BG2. It's not that hard. You don't need a cinematic everytime Astarion tells you why he's not a fan of your actions. Just make him speak goddamit.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.