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[...] somehow magically [...] not that hard
If it takes magic to fix it...

It literally would take magic to get "the same level of interaction with our team as we did in BG2" from RPGs nowadays. It's a fantasy.

Remember the beggars around the Slum District in BG2? If you talk to them, sometimes one of your party members would butt in with a remark. After playing BG2 on and off for 10+ years I discovered a rather amusing exchange between Nalia and Valygar that is only triggered when you have both of them in the party and when you talk to one of those beggars.

Remember in BG1 and 2 sometimes a pair of companions who hate each other would argue randomly and eventually become unselectable and fight each other until one is dead? Well, there was this one time when Dynaheir and Edwin decided it was time to settle it once and for all, I watched them throw spells they had available at each other, and in the end, their last spells killed each other at the same time - Edwin using Magic Missile and Dynaheir using Melf's Acid Arrow. I thought this was such a perfect ending. And there was this fight in BG2 between Viconia and Keldorn that broke out right after the Asylum maze. Of course Keldorn was too strong for Viconia. He almost killed her, but then Viconia freaked out and ran away. The funny thing was, they were fighting next to the exit point of that area, and her "panic AI" made her go through this area transition point and escape to the next area. This broke their combat state and neither of them ever talked about it again afterward. Fun times.

I can never forget those moments and up to this day I have yet to find moments equally funny and amusing from any other game.

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