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Just because other, lesser game on the downward path of absolute DECLINE decided that as a console player you were too stupid to manage six it doesn't mean its should be embraced as a standard in a PC game.

Console == 4 pads == 4 characters I guess. Or 4 buttons on the cross if you play solo.

Make it work differently for the PC version? Aaaaah....now you talking money.

Would love Larian to make it 6 characters and balance the game properly for hard mode with 6 characters. Ngl. But well, if they don't then they don't. The amount of characters kinda limits possibilities but in the current build 6 characters would be straight OP so there's that.

Some people have pointed out that when they mod in 6 character party, the game actually feels more balanced and satisfying.
Also I seriously doubt the limitation is because of D-Pad, typically a game like this uses a more cycling form of selection on consoles, or uses a pop up menu. And legitimately, a console can handle six characters at once easily. Icewind Dale controls fine and so does Wasteland 2 and 3. DOS2 I'd practically have 8 characters at all times cause I love Summoning, and the turn based game could handle it easily and fairly intuitively (minus the weird chain/unchain shenanigans outside of combat to many thats an issue with any amount of characters past 1).

I don't play console so good to have the insight of someone who does ^^ I only have a pad for DMC5 ;P Used to play back when the first XBOX( the green one) was a thing.

For the balance thing -> It's so personal it's hard to discuss in simple words I guess. I went with Cleric, thief, mage x2. (Cleric + Mage custom PC playe with a friend ) and to be honest we were dying quite often (not wiping, but mages would die + sometimes the thief) mostly cause we had a rule of max 1 defence ability and one offensive spell per encounter. Without it the cleric can just wipe out most of the encounters by himself, shoot anyone at long distance with the bow (cause obviously cleric full dex) etc.

The bridge encounter with the boys with the dragon was quite hardcore - ish, ngl. One of the few encounters that actually were hard. The hag too was quite challenging but mostly due to bugs( One of the mages got desyncedd when being hit by a spell an couldn't use any ability....). So we started the hag encounter with 3 guys and finished it.

But yeah basically I woul expect every encounter to be at the difficulty level of those guys from the bridge actually forcing you to use your combos and abilities to full extent instead of being like " You fool, I used 10% of my power".

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.