More seriously, I've been trying to find out how many lines of dialogue were in Baldur's Gate II, how many voiced lines were in The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 and what rpg has the most voiced lines (the mmorpg The Old Republic)

I haven't had much luck googling it but...

For Baldur's Gate II the best I could find was something about the word count being 1060k and 57k lines of dialogue, though I couldn't find a source for this. That same source put Planescape at 75k lines of dialogue
Baldur's Gate EE said that it added 350k words. in that same thread someone said BG:I had 24k lines and BG:I EE had 34k.

Fallout New Vegas had 65k lines of dialogue to Fallout 3's 40k these were the games with a silent protagonist as well, Fallout 4 claims to have 111k lines of dialogue though they also say that the main characters recorded 13k lines of dialogue, I'm not sure what that means or indeed if those 13,000 lines are between them or if together they voiced 26k.

the Witcher according to The Witcher by the Numbers said something about 30k lines of dialogue

Least pertinent, The Old Republic has the Guinness World Record for most voiced lines of dialogue in a video game at over 200,000, at launch. that's between 8 classes and two genders for the main character.

confusing things a little, there's a number of instances conflating word count with lines of dialogue. Word count being an easier thing to determine. Average word count per line of dialogue being what I would consider more telling than anything else. Fallout might hold records for voiced lines, but if every exchange is monosyllabic and linear it doesn't really amount to a more interesting game.

compare this to the EA of Baldur's Gate 3 which according to this pcgamer article has 45,980 English lines of dialogue.

Text based games still have the most freedom with their dialogue, but games like New Vegas (mostly voiced), The Witcher and even the Old Republic, we shouldn't take for granted that depth is exchanged for voiced lines.

If anyone has more information on this, I'd love to know more, I'm fascinated by this.