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Sozz, check Disco Elysium.

Abso-fucking-lutely, I just replayed the Final Cut, which made me even more anxious for the sequel from ZA/UM. I should have added that in to my sum up for why voiced dialogue shouldn't be a bugbear to RPG design.

At a million words of dialogue the next contender is likely dwarfed.

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New Vegas actually had issues with how many voiced lines there were cause they had to cut a companion who was taking too much space on the disk cause he had way too much dialogue because he was to be the singular companion who'd be sympathetic to the legion. And I( read that they actually had a limit on how much voiced dialogue they could have in the DLC so they had to plan it out and make the best of it, leading to tightly written DLCs (and them actually conserving lines enough to blow their load so to speak in old world blues with so much dialogue).
Though this is what I read and could be wrong. I do remember New Vegas having a lot of well written dialogue, especially in the DLC.

I'll have to look into this, I think this says more about how long ago New Vegas was made that this was a concern, I don't think disc space will ever be a concern in PC gaming anymore at least. Did NV launch on the X-Box or something? And people wonder why we can't have nice things. I actually haven't played the Outer Worlds, it seemed like a holding maneuver for Obsidian to make some business, but I'm keeping my eye on the sequel.

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