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Best example I can give is the first encounter with Astarion. The guy literally jumps on you with a knife. During this time the rest of the party is 100% silent and just looks at you. I guess it will be changed over time cause EA but ....will it?

Will Astarion at some point decide he had enought of Shadowheart's bs and just leave to live in peace? Or at least mention he has problems with her other than " Astarion disaproves " every single time " Shadowheart approves"? Or will it be too expensive to get yet another dialogue and it will be cut off from the game?

Just because Astarion disaproves your actions that other characters aprove doesn't mean he hates them. Shadowheart and Laezel hate each other. Astarion isn't hating Shadowheart just because they seem to aprove different course of actions, Astarion is more likely to just dislike everyone else simply because he is a self-absorbed sociopath with 0 empathy. Actually he is probably more ready to work with people that he dislikes than other party member exactly for that reason, he is using you and others because you are resourceful and he is trying to manipulate the PC all the time.

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Yes, interrupting the game every single time at random moments when one of them has something to say in multiplayer might feel akward and they did the camp only discussions exactly because of it. But at least show a dialogue box to let us know they are talking while our camera is on the other side of the world making us unable to hear them?

Shadowheart at some point due to one of my decisions started screaming at me, saying she had enought and at that point she's ready to die to the tadpole rather than spending one more minute here. That was perfect! Of course I wanted to know that. I need to know it. Why did it happen in the camp? Like if she felt like this she decided to keep it for herself and not let me know during the whole day?

Companions can talk to you during dialogues with other characters, during the day when something happened that they want to discuss with you immediately and in the camp when they have time to process and decide how they feel about you based on your actions, which makes total sense, because often people tell you their opinion about your actions after some time.

Also let's compare that to BG2. Lot's of dialogue in BG2 didn't make companions alive or have complex interactions with them. There is no approval system in BG2, relations with companions are based on 3 things: having a romance with them, doing their personal quest and you reputation. They will leave you only due to certain actions (like attacking Aerie's surrogate father) or if your reputation reaches certain levels. For example, you can't become just friends with Viconia and change her aligment, you can only do that if you romance her. On the other hand in BG3 you can be doing good deeds that irritate Astarion, but if you are nice to him (by letting him drink your blood, getting approval from personal dialogues) he will be okay with you and only occasionaly make remarks about his dislike of your heroic actions.