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The Old Republic has the Guinness World Record for most voiced lines of dialogue in a video game at over 200,000, at launch. that's between 8 classes and two genders for the main character.
I have heard different fun fact (even tho im not quite sure if that was fact) about Kotor ...
They decided to start voice acting before rest of the game was done, so they "save time" ... sadly, there was changes in script a little later, so almost 40% of voice acting was scrapped ... and creating it all again, would be too expensive. Studio was suposedly even concidering cancelatin of whole project. Luckily for them, someone had bright idea to replace voice acting for changed sentences by "alien speech", and keep in only subtitled ...
So litteraly every alien you meet in Kotor, that is not talking english was added afterwards. laugh

Short coment on my English. smile

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!