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Cleric. He was kinda OP in previous editions, 5th edition seems a bit strange to begin with but the cleric is now even more free than before when it comes to weapon choice so he's literally a swiss knife right now.

Hi virion, I would agree with you - although I didn't play the previous edition, in this game - the cleric could take martial adept and act like 1/2 a weapon master smile but beyond level 4, would you really keep your cleric a melee ? or spend on fighter's feat instead of growing in spell ?

oh, I was wondering if you could make your avatar nodding ... like saying yes ?! smile

Can't make the avatar thing that happen for you. But it does sadden me if it makes you feel a bit better about it.

Well... My cleric was always a tank / spell caster support / dps in that particular order. In BG3 the DPS part of him is the ability to use the bow ( not sure of that is intended for a cleric to be able to use it?o.0). But since his dex is maxed out the bow fits in perfectly.

Not sure how his specializations look on higher levdes in 5th edition, my only experience with 5th edition is BG3.
But I would totally go for any specialization for melee weapons ( or bows lol ).

The basic spells he has are powerful enought to allow for versatility. It's all he needs from the spell side after me.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.