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Serious question : In the PnP, aren't the spells that targets AC used less often at higher level when characters have higher level and more powerfull spells that require a ST ? It's something Saito brought in another thread and I found interresting to think about (as the non PnP player I am).

Just to add some background information to this: In the Sorcerer spell list, there are a grand total of 8 levelled spells that use attack rolls. Eight. This is to the point that Spell Sniper, usually a good feat for casters, is actually a pretty big trap for Sorcs, unless you're picking those exact spells. If you expand the list to include all arcane caster spell lists (wizard, warlock, bard etc.) that total jumps to 14. Fourteen. If you expand to include ALL class spells, you have 24. Out of over 520 spells. Conversely of that same 520, there are 197 that use saving throws. Just absorb that for a moment. The VAST majority of casters' offence, CC and debuff spells are all saving throws, which are greatly devalued and harder to succeed with in the current BG3 system.

Of that 520, 46 are cantrips: there are 12 cantrips that rely on attack rolls and 14 (damage dealing; discounting light and gust) cantrips that use saving throws.

I'm not seeking to argue a point specifically, just putting the information forward for people the think on.