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has the main list been updated?
It hasn't, and I fear the task is now slightly beyond me at 26 pages. :| But it is collecting a lot of stuff together in one place.

My current plan is that feedback will become more focussed into its own topics which can then be deposited here so they can be found easily. Though I admit a certain degree of "I hope this works!"

It's also important to bear in mind this is not Larian's only source of information and they are gathering feedback from multiple sources and using a proper bug-tracking system.


New to the forum here and I caught up with your struggle to catch up with the issues.

The problem is, you are using the wrong tool for bugs and suggestions. You need something like github issues (you could even use github, it's free). Something that will avoid the same problem being repeated over and over and instead will have a thread showing how much the community agrees or disagrees with it.

Each bug, each suggestion, should be a thread for discussions, for "likes" and "dislikes" and for admin/dev response.

I'm pretty sure by now you already know that reading and managing all this will be impossible. The idea of hearing the community is great, but if not done properly, it will be overwhelming and most likely demotivate the team (if not already).

I was making my own list of bugs and suggestions but after 10 mins in the forum I already know there's no way you (the team) is caught up with it.

Another idea is to use polls to communicate with us. Specially regarding the suggestions. A Telegram channel (not group) would be a good start.

Just 5 cents from a fellow developer.


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