They still have ways to go, some things require improvement, like the ui, the mounted combat and some bugs, but generally speaking I concur with the previous posters: WoTR excels PF: K in every aspect.
The characters in WotR are more fleshed out, I do not know if it´s because its based on a more story-focused campaign of Paizo (wrath of the righteous) than kingmaker but the people you meet and the ones that join you seem more interesting to me and they have more to say than before. I thought I will miss the "barony management" of the first title but I think the crusade strategy minigame has potential, but right now It´s still not fleshed out.
The fans of the Pen-and-paper game and the ones that already played the WotR of paizo will find that the Owlcat devs are still making a very good adaptation of the Pathfinder tabletop and campaign but adding a great cast of characters to it.

The cast and characters are great, but the story is merely functional, as expected. I mean, It´s a rpg videogame, not a visual novel or a graphic adventure. Myself if I want a good fantasy story I pick a book, of Rothfus, Sapkowsky, or Abercrombie, etc... they surely will do better than any game.
When I play a game I want to play a character and crush some skulls. =D

That said, as the previous poster said, it´s a hardcore rpg with lots of combat and very unforgiven in harder difficulties. So If you do not like combat you may want to lower the difficulty or try another type of game. You do not really must have a combat oriented, power-playing party unless you are playing in the higher difficulties but you will have to beat some strong enemies to finish the game.

So, even there´s a lot lore, dialogues, scenes, etc, there´s also a fine amount of of battles, exploration and puzzles to solve. If you are not into that sort of thing, It´s better if you wait at least until the beta is over to think about buying the game. If you are into it and you liked the previous owlcat game or the tabletop rpg, I fully advise you to go for it. The game is great, and improving.

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