I just fired up a new playthrough to reacquaint myself in anticipation of the new patch and I noticed a few small details that I had honestly never even paid attention to before (so they may have been there all along).

1. I actually managed to kill the commander and the mindflayer during the intro and got no XP for either. It was a very hard fight, and I feel like a little XP would have been in order.
2. I didn't get any XP for killing Shadowheart, Astarian, Gale, or Lae'Zel... WTH??? I usually let the Goblins kill Wyll for me, but I may have to test giving him the axe just to see if I get boned for XP again.
3. When I killed Gale, I damned near experienced a total party kill from his aura while I was talking to his damned projection to get the instructions on how to steal his true resurrection scroll. I ended up having to burn 2 potions of healing and 3 revivify scrolls to get the loot and get free of his carcass.
4. I thorn whipped Lae'Zel out of the cage and no one went aggro. I had even hit her with 2 arrows before that. The tiefs that were supposed to be helping me kill her just stood there, and so did she... until I put a crossbow bolt in her. After that, everyone took to the fight like they were supposed to.

Has anyone else had similar problems?