I have frustrangly been trying to get the Divinity Engine 2 to work. But every time I try to launch it, whether inside or outside of Steam, it goes to start up and a couple seconds later immediately shuts off. Like it doesn't even do anything at all.

I'm running Windows 10, fully-updated. I've reinstalled DOS2 AND the engine multiple times now, made sure the DLC was checked, verified the local files for each, tried running the engine from the folder, NOTHING has worked! It's so frustrating. It didn't even give me the option to choose where the game is located. I just click it, nothing happens, and a couple seconds later it's like it was never even on. Also, I've heard deleting the config folder helps, but there is no config folder. I'm stuck.

HOW do I fix this??? DX Any help would be appreciated!

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