I just finished this game for the first time and mostly had a good time. (After having a *very* rough start and quitting and then starting over from scratch a few months later). This being a rant thread aside, I do have to concur that inventory/stuff management is by far the weakest part of the game. It genuinely sucks. There were innumerable things that made it agonizing.

Having to painstakingly rotate the camera around and around to get just the perfect angle to allow me to pick something up.

Not having a sort by alphabetical option (seriously, why?!) I don't know if "mysterious seed" is an ingredient or a miscellaneous item or consumable. I also picked up 700 things since then. I just remember it was called "mysterious seed."

Alt highlighting objects you can pick up but not highlighting lootable containers for *some* reason. There being no "search everything in X radius around me" option on PC as there is on consoles (if there is I could never find it).

It being really unclear at first what is truly useless junk and what might have some ostensible use for crafting or selling. (I eventually figured out if it lacks the "combine with" option on right click it's useless).

There being no craft all option when you are using some stationary tool like an oven or a water pump. (Oh my god making paper!)

A giant descriptive text box popping up and obscuring half my inventory at the slightest mouse over of any object when I'm trying to slowly scroll through and recognize an object by sight.

Accidentally stealing an object when I was trying to click on the ground or an NPC or anything but that object.

Having miscellaneous things that were neither stolen nor plot items that would not come up as things I could sell to merchants for reasons. I had a random crap sword for a long time I finally just threw on the ground because of this.

Having to hold down the right or left button on the mouse for an inordinately long time to select an item to drag or bring up the menu for it.

Not allowing me to drag an item to a character portrait if the inventory screen is open while also randomly rearranging the order in which each companion's inventory appears. Sometimes Lohse is listed second. Sometimes last and I have to scroll all the way down because everybody above her has so much crap in their inventory. Who knows why? Meanwhile her portrait is always the second slot and I could have just dragged there.

Backpacks all looking the same, being hard to open, and having a smaller grid making you have to scroll more. At a bare minimum letting me label them so I know that one has the potion reagents and that has the arrows in it would have made it less miserable.

I don't want to oversell my complaints here. I had a lot of fun with this game and am mostly satisfied, but if any component deserves a rant it is definitely the inventory management system.

I do also think it's dumb that you have to wait for ability cooldowns outside of combat. This made healing very tedious. It also made waiting for teleport or various other leaping abilities while navigating the broken pathways over lava on the Act 3 map extremely annoying.

*Oops* I am taking about DOS2 and for some reason thought this was the DOS2 forum. Most of these complaints apply just as well to DOS1 as well though. They really didn't clean up most of the problems between installments.

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