Some of the hair colors are not working, lightfoot halfling hair 20 picking gold blonde 1 does not change hair color or eyebrow color. Possibly other color problems.

Edit* You have the same key setup multiple times for different abilities. example: R is for Toggle Duel Wield while also UI Hot bar Next.

Edit2* When throwing a dead imp in the tutorial, the dead body takes damage as shown from the floating damage text.

Edit3* There is a 2.5 to 3 meter reach when dipping your weapon, might make sense if you have a long sword but with a dagger looks a bit odd.

Edit4* Can not throw half dead enthralled cultists laying on the ground. Along with light issues with the new cut scene, and combat log getting spammed by blast cannon doing no damage.

Edit5* Halfling with low strength can't make the jump back up after jumping down to secret path leading to large movable rock & treasure.

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