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- Trying to jump towards unreachable/too high places with any character in tutorial causes aim circle frame drops and lag, while the rest of the screen runs perfectly well.
- Got Encumbered debuff on Tav during tutorial, saved and loaded, now encumbered is perma, doesn't go away even after emptying inventory.

Encumbered debuff is common among players who have previously had mods enabled.

If you have any mods installed, or were you using any in previous game versions, try completely removing them (check the 'Mods' and 'Public' folders in the '..\SteamApps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data' folder, if either folders are present, it is safe to delete them).

Tried that, while at it, I modified Documents/LS/BG3/.....modsettings to default (ie deleted all mods from the list except Gustav), deleted old mods from the mods folders, now the main menu video won't load (black screen, though it loads much faster, go figure) as well as Continue and New game main menu buttons are defunct. I put everything back the way it was (except mods because i instinctively perma deleted them), still the same issue. Black screen, defunct SPlayer buttons.

Naturally, I deleted Documents/... folder and verified files, video was back and I could load/create a profile (i'm guessing this was due to missing playerprofiles5.lsb), however when I did load old profile, the issue was back. So I created a new profile and copypasted modsettings from it and game loaded again normally into my old profile. Weird.

Still perma encumbered though, looks like I'll have to start a new game since apparently there's no help for that.

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