Patch 5 issues:

1) If I free Shadowheart on the nautiloid, during the crashes cinematic she is standing in the middle of the screen;

2) Shadowheart's ponytail and tiefling's tails in general, go a bit crazy during jumps and/or cutscenes;

3) After I took the "Beguiling Influence" eldritch invocation, during deception checks I have two bonuses, one for my proficiency in deception due to my background, and another for my proficiency in deception due to the invocation.
So, I have a bonus of +4 instead of +2. I don't know if it is intended or not, maybe with two sources of proficiency I should have expertise in the skill (which is double the standard proficiency) but still, should be clarified in my opinion.

4) If I have a concentration spell active, using another concentration spell during a dialogue won't break the first one. My specific example is:
Cast "disguise self" (concentration) --> enter conversation --> cast "friends" (concentration) during the roll --> "disguise self" is maintained nonetheless.
This is an extreme case because breaking disguise self in mid-conversation could be very interesting from an RP standpoint. But I know we can't have dialogue lines for this circumstance for all the NPCs :P. Still, I think it is something worth reporting.