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I'm sorry, but my dear. no need to be like Astarion in the latest update. no need to be absolutely repulsive selfish frown and demand to remove from the game everything that does not suit you. I agree with the advantage of stabbing in the back. It's almost like in real life. What's wrong with damage from a height? In life, this also gives an advantage. It sounds kind of weird. I do this and I don't like it in my game. So it needs to be removed. But you also can't do that in your game. I almost never throw enemies. I just don't like it. The same goes for Jump behind the enemy's back. I have done this in my game 1 or 2 times. Although many people like it. Why other players who like to kill goblins from the rafters (from a height) should abandon their play style? Or I do not understand something I apologize again.

I've always argued that height advantage/disadvantage was several degrees worse than backstab advantage and barrlemancy and such, because there is no way to control it at all. It's not a conscious choice there, it's always positioning-based, and if you're not using it, the enemy will absolutely abuse it against you regardless, meaning you're still taking part in the disadvantageous portion of the mechanic in some way. The only way to negate this is if you're on even ground with the target, which isn't happening like 3/4ths of the time, with how this game's encounter design is laid out. And it's the 'true advantage/disadvantage' part that people have the most issue with, most people are generally fine with downscaling it to a simple +2/-2 bonus instead.

And quite frankly, it's also problematic due to how it indirectly gives rogues such an insane benefit that nobody else can replicate, a literal double or triple damage with high accuracy every single time they're shooting arrows from high ground with no other conditions needed. This will scale way out of control later in the game when sneak attacks become stronger, for something that doesn't require any thought other than 'get as high as possible'. Not even archers of other classes with the Sharpshooter feat can compete with that. That's not even getting into the argument that height advantage is likely precisely the reason why the Sharpshooter feat isn't implemented yet either, if it ever will as long as height advantage exists. At that point, it's like why even bother making a dedicated archer of any class other than rogue? It's going to get even dumber once multiclassing comes into the equation too. If this sticks, we're basically going to see our own version of the Skyrim stealth archer meme in this game, with a bunch of martial classes dipping into rogue once they get their most crucial class features possible with the level cap being 10-12.

(Rogues were already considered pretty busted in a tabletop setting, the main difference is that in order to trigger a sneak attack there, you either had to have the target standing next to another party member meaning said other party member would be in danger, or the rogue had to gain advantage in much rarer ways. But high ground in BG3 just seemingly gives them sneak attack 24/7.)

Anyone literally taking the 'you can just not use it' argument and applying it to the height advantage/disadvantage discussion obviously doesn't understand what they're even talking about or have zero sense of foresight.

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