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I'm sorry, but my dear. no need to be like Astarion in the latest update. no need to be absolutely repulsive selfish frown and demand to remove from the game everything that does not suit you. I agree with the advantage of stabbing in the back. It's almost like in real life. What's wrong with damage from a height? In life, this also gives an advantage. It sounds kind of weird. I do this and I don't like it in my game. So it needs to be removed. But you also can't do that in your game. I almost never throw enemies. I just don't like it. The same goes for Jump behind the enemy's back. I have done this in my game 1 or 2 times. Although many people like it. Why other players who like to kill goblins from the rafters (from a height) should abandon their play style? Or I do not understand something I apologize again.
it's almost like you had no actual understanding of the topic you are attempting to discuss.

Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN